Find and advise global startup founders via our AI Matchmaking

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Find and advise global startup founders via our AI Matchmaking

Become part of the global digital community of verified investors, advisors, and startups
Connect with the right startups to boost their results and impact their success
Choose to mentor for free, accept equity for advice, or provide consulting services

Create an advisor profile and impact startups' results

Create an advisor profile and impact startups' results

Create an advisor profile and impact startups' results

Meet startup founders matching your strict criteria

Find startups seamlessly, follow your goals

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CRM for customer funnel tracking

CRM for customer funnel tracking

CRM for customer funnel tracking

* In development


Pitch to Global Experts

We create programs that bring the best investors, startups, and advisors into one place taking startups through global advisors pitch to get them most prepared for global investors Demo Day. It’s not just another pitch, it’s a shorter way to a potential deal.

Excellent pitch session, we had a chance to pitch to global investors while being in our home country.

Alex Zheltov, Founder, Educate Online

Join our online show

GGW Sharks

Each week, we invite 50+ startups to give 2-minute elevator pitches that you may consider for investment. This dynamic and exciting weekly event attracts 100-300 RSVPs, making it easy to connect with the right people quickly.

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  • Direct messaging with your matches

  • Advanced analytics dashboard

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This plan is for members who would like individual support and more personalized matches.

We provide every premium member with:

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  • Individual approach

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Please kindly be aware: the purchase of a subscription does not guarantee access to investor connections. To gain access to investors, it is important that all basic mandatory fields are complete and accurate in your profile. Our moderation team has the right to reject your access to investor matchmaking, if required information is incomplete or inaccurate. Ones it’s passed verification, you may enjoy full functionality of our platform that come with your selected plan.

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+ Unlimited connection requests and saves
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Build a quality network within a community of verified top-tier investors, advisors, and founders. Learn from professionals and build a reputation by helping others



Investors, founders, and advisors who have provided the most complete information and whom we have been able to pre-verify.
If we cannot identify a profile, access is only possible after providing additional information upon our request.
If you have provided all the information but have not received access, please let us know at [email protected] .

Within 1-2 days. (Unless the product is in the process of launching a new release. During this period, the wait may extend until the release is launched)

Yes, but they will only be able to see your profile. They can only contact you through our platform if they register through your profile and you initiate the first message. You will be to see them in your dashboard.

The following profiles can match with each other:
  • Investor with Startup
  • Startup with Investor
  • Investor with Investor
  • Startup with Advisor
  • Advisor with Startup
You can set filters and see profiles that are relevant to you first. If the profile you have chosen for communication has also chosen you, a match will occur and a chat will open for communication.

We give you:
  • One profile for all
  • One format for analytics and decision
  • Ability to filter the stream
  • Communicate only with those who are relevant
  • One place for deals.

You will have access to your profile and dashboard, but only paid subscribers on our platform will be able to see your profile.
Also, you will have access to our private community on Slack, where you can expand your network and help each other out.

If you were a paid subscriber - No
If the system indicates that your email is already registered, but you haven't received a password reset message - you can request a new password here .

If you were not a paid subscriber - Yes
We apologize for the inconvenience, but as we verify all users, the information provided during registration on the old platform is not sufficient.

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us through the platform or at [email protected] .

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